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This story is from the German-language section of the Radio Vatican website. It does not appear in the English-language section.
820,000 Christians once lived in Bosnia-Herzegovina – until the start of the 1990s. Then the Balkan wars broke out and now their number has shrunk by almost half, to 460,000 people. The exodus of Catholic Croats from Bosnia-Herzegovina continues without interruption: because of numerous everyday problems, constant tensions and a growing Islamic radicalism. Pero Sudar is suffragan bishop and vicar general of the Archbishophric of Sarajevo:

"The war broke out then because of a lack of tolerance - with the goal of stirring up ethnic divisions. But unfortunately the implementation of the Dayton Peace Accord turned out to be almost a continuation of this ethnic cleansing. Specifically, it authorised the division of Bosnia-Herzegovina into two parts, the Federation and the Serb Republic. As a result of the Dayton Accord the Croats see no other option but to leave the country. They no longer have the political strength that could have led them to stay despite the difficulties. A small Catholic community there has opted for self-dissolution.“

But Croatia, the "motherland" of the Catholics in Bosnia, is preparing for the transition to the EU: a referendum on this topic a week ago resulted in a large majority in favour. Does that give the Bosnian Croats hope?

"We had hoped that Croatia, in its own interests, would promote and bring about our survival - the survival of the Catholic Croats in Bosnia=Herzegovina. As in a certain sense we are a bridge for Croatia between two larger peoples. But now with its entry to the EU Croatia may cut off its border with Bosnia-Herzegovina and leave the Catholic Croats to their fate.“

A fate that appears to have been mapped out. Especially thanks to the rise of a radical Islam of a Wahhabist character which is increasingly displacing the once so tolerant Bosnian Islam. Suffragan bishop Sudar has the impression that radical Islam now intends to advance into Europe according to plan. Bosnia is where the forces are currently concentrated.

"At this moment these tensions are felt worldwide and unfortunately religion is being used for goals that have nothing to do with it. If intolerant Islam gains ground in Bosnia-Herzegovina, its first victims will be our local Muslims. The fundamental problem with us here is that injustice has partly become an everyday phenomenon. And unfortunately even the representatives of the international community have contributed to that: not everyone has an interest in seeing the situation here normalised..."
Source: Radio Vatican Via: EuropeNews


occidentallibertas said...

In fact many Bosnian Croats are preparing themselves to emigrate to Croatia since they have Croatian passports and the numbers in the future don't look good.In 2028 Muslim Bosniaks will be tha majority of the country with 60-65%,Serbs will have 28%,Croats 5-7% and in the middle of the century Croats will die out in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The problems which Bosnian Croats face are too many,first they don't have their own autonomous entity which will give them protection from discrimination which they face in the Croat-Bosniak entity (Federation of B-H,second Croatia has abanodoned them because of the EU membership.third the current political leadership among the Bosnian Croats is corrupt and treacherous too many Bosnian Croat politicians have sides themselves with the Muslim Bosniaks,while those who oppose the Bosniak domination are heavily corrupt.
Remember from the 7th century Croats inhabit Bosnia-Herzegovina,but with the current trends going against them they face a very bleak future.

occidentallibertas said...


1389 said...

The Croats made common cause with the Muslims against the Serbs, who had done them no harm. Both the Muslims and the Croats were still upset about the fact that the Serbs had helped to defeat the Axis during World War II.

This is yet another object lesson that non-Muslims making common cause with the Muslims, for any reason, always ends badly.

Anonymous said...

Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece antimuslim radical group http://youtu.be/JAo5PyvjuXw

DP111 said...

1389 wrote: The Croats made common cause with the Muslims against the Serbs, who had done them no harm. Both the Muslims and the Croats were still upset about the fact that the Serbs had helped to defeat the Axis during World War II.

Quite right. Just on addition - both Croats and Muslims were not just upset, they are upset because they collaborated with the Nazis and lost.

occidentallibertas said...

Both 1389 and DP111 are wrong.First of all this is typically when people believe in Serbian propaganda myths.I was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina,but I currentlly live in Croatia.So I know what happened,Croats and Muslims are not friends and Croats gave a large amount of people in the Yugoslav Partisans which fought against the Nazis.

occidentallibertas said...

So what about the Croat-Bosniak War (1993-1994) in which Croats fought against the Muslims.Remember Alija Izetbegović has stabbed the Croats in the back and he his responsible for the deaths of 1606 Croats during the Croat-Bosniak War and 150000 Croats have left the area of conflict,while only 300-500 Bosniaks (Muslims) were killed and 50000 left the area,but it was planned by Izetbegović and his war cabinet which told the Muslims to leave.The current Federation of B-H (Croat-Bosniak entity) is not a result of friendship but it was forced by Bill Clinton and his administration and for peace Croats sacrificed the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia which was an insurance in order to survive in B-H.But the Federation of B-H today is a Bosniak entity,not a Croat-Bosniak and Croats desperately want their own entity (Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia) or they will perish from B-H.While Serbs were rewarded for the massacres in Bosnian Posavina which had a Croatian majority with the Republika Srpska which one day will seccess itself from B-H,while the Croats will perish.

occidentallibertas said...


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occidentallibertas said...

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